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The Affiliate Summit West Hangover
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The Affiliate Summit West Hangover

January 26, 2016

No it’s not the real Caesar’s Palace – Caesar didn’t live there – nor was it the real Paris that hosted the 2016 Affiliate Summit West this year. But there was still a Hangover from the show, just as epic as the 2009 film (not the sequels – they sucked). But, rather than from too much booze or “what happens in Vegas…” activities, this hangover is from a great conference and meeting tons of new (and old!) clients. And even though we don’t have a splitting headaches, or guilty consciences, we still had an inbox full of unread emails and a stack of business cards to sift through upon our return. So while the argument could be made that this is a GOOD hangover to have, it’s still sobering nonetheless.

We were pleasantly surprised by ASW this year. That’s not to say it’s not a great show every year (twice a year for those of us in NYC!), it’s just that when you attend so many trade shows, you may start to get cynical to their worth. That’s why taking a year off of ASW proved to pay dividends this time around because our goal was to not only justify our airfare and hotel stay, but to also bulk up our pipeline through person to person interactions, as well as strengthen our existing relationships with current clients. Whether it was a brief chat at the Meet Market, and exchanging of business cards, or a quick beer at “Le Central”, the key to our strategy was to maximize our time while still taking the necessary time to converse on a real level.

As always, it will take a few weeks for the follow ups to pan out into real business, but I’m confident that given the quality of the attendees, and the initial response we’re seeing, that it will – and then some. There’s a few gems in the stack of cards, either advertisers we’ve been hounding for months, or agencies and networks that weren’t on our radar, that should prove to be not just new clients, but also long term partnerships. We were able to connect on a personal level with the majority of our meetings, while also highlighting the strengths and benefits of working with React2Media through an honest dialogue of their needs and our capabilities. We believe the message was received, and the interest in it genuine.

So now the name of the game is to hit the phones hard (well, actually, email/SKYPE but hey, it’s 2016 so same difference). We can only imagine the amount of emails the “crème” of our business card stack is getting – so we need to focus on separating ourselves from the pack of hyenas looking for a carcass to pick, and identify React2Media as a pack leader here to lead them out of the jungle. The Meet Market proved to be an excellent opportunity for face-to-face interactions with potential clients, and we plan to capitalize on our charming personalities by reaching out often and where possible, humorously. Of course, not everyone will benefit from our sharp wit (something is lost in translation with clients in Cypress) but we’ll still do our best to pull ahead of the rest of the jagaloons jockeying for position!

You Guys Ready To Let The Dogs Out?

In conclusion, we’re happy that we got the opportunity to attend this year’s ASW. While it was only slightly warmer in Las Vegas than NYC (there was definitely more sun!) our attendance there gives us confidence that the future is only going to be brighter as a result. We thank the powers that be here at R2M for the foresight of registration, and continuing investment in the growth and future of our company. And for those of you out there not currently working, or exploring ways to work, with React2Media, we just have one message for you:

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