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  • We own a few mobile apps and would like to broaden our user base. Is this something you can help us with?
    Absolutely! Actually, user acquisition and app discovery are two of our more popular services.
  • Our product is meant for a small, niche market. Are you able to help us more effectively advertise to that market?
    You bet! We use a variety of demographics to advertise your product to the right people, at the right time, in the right place. We know exactly how to find your audience.
  • We are located in California and would love to meet face to face to discuss our project with you. Is this possible?
    Even though we are primarily located on the East Coast, we would love to meet you as well! As long as planes, trains, and automobiles exist, we'll be there.
  • Our company doesn't have an in-house graphic designer. Can you customize your services to fit our brand?
    Without a doubt! We have a team of in-house designers itching to design you what you need. All of our designers have a marketing and UI background, leading to clean, user friendly designs that accurately and professionally represent your brand.
  • We think that our scheduled emails, like newsletters, can be monetized. Is this something you do?
    Yes we do, and we believe it's very important for your business to do so. Email marketing is bouncing back rapidly from where it was just a few years ago and becoming an advertisers go-to when attempting to reach the ever growing mobile market.
  • We have a few web publications, but don't really have any coding experience. Can we still use your services?
    Our products and services are designed to be easy to implement, whether you're a hardcore coding expert or have never touched a line of code in your life. Most of our services are a simple copy and paste away from monetizing your web property. For more complicated or custom-made services, we have a team of technicians on staff that can happily walk you through the process if needed.
  • We have different needs for different products. Are your services performance based or impression based?
    All of our services can be custom built to satisfy any and all of your needs. We work with you and your company on a personal level to attain the results you're looking for, no goal left behind.

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