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Email Marketeers

Discover The Power, Value, Potential Your Email Lists Really Have

Monetizing Your Emails

If you're an email marketeer, odds are you have a variety of email lists dedicated to various things. The not-so-obvious question is are you monetizing all your emails as well as you could be, taking advantage of every single opportunity possible? The sad and honest truth, is that you're probably not. And that's where we come in! We have the tools and know-how to help you monetize your emails using a variety of traditional and even creative methods.

Display Advertising

Emails can be monetized rather easily using our display advertising network. It's as simple as dropping a line of prewritten code into your email template. Have a weekly newsletter about dish detergents? Awesome! We can set you up with display ads relative to that industry, and any other industry. And since we pride ourselves on quality, you are always served high quality, user engaging ads that are designed with your audience in mind.

App Discovery

Did you know that email is one of the most popular marketing mediums used to reach mobile users? If you think about it, almost everyone with a smartphone has access to their email right from their pocket at almost any time of the day. This makes your email lists a highly valuable, effective tool in helping users find new apps they'll love! With a simple cut and paste of code, your next email blast could feature a beautifully designed mini app marketplace all your own!

Custom Designs

At React2Media we feel that a good clean design can set you apart from the crowd, and that everyone should have the resources available to create beautiful imagery. If you don't have a dedicated design team at your disposal, don't worry about it! Our designers are always available to help you create the perfect creatives for your marketing efforts.