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Antevenio sets foot in the USA with the acquisition of the New York-based digital marketing agency React2Media
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Antevenio sets foot in the USA with the acquisition of the New York-based digital marketing agency React2Media

June 23, 2017

Antevenio sets foot in the USA with the acquisition of the New York-based digital marketing agency React2Media

With this acquisition, Antevenio starts its US business with $ 6 million in revenues
and strong potential for commercial synergies

Madrid, June 22nd 2017 – 8:30 a.m. – The Antevenio Group (ISIN ES0109429037), a leader in Southern Europe in publishing and marketing technologies, quoted on EuroNext ticker ALANT, announces the acquisition of New York-based digital marketing agency React2Media.

Since 2008, React2Media, which specializes in performance marketing, has developed proprietary technologies and services to help brands broaden their audiences and foster their development. The agency has mastered all digital marketing technologies to target, engage, convert and retain audiences of its customers. React2Media has notably, like Antevenio in Europe, originated vertical lead generation portals.

Antevenio has agreed to buy 51% of React2Media’s capital for $ 2.25 million, with the balance held by the three executives of the agency. The two founders, Alexander Schaller and Jordan Galbraith, and Chief Revenue Officer Casey White, will accompany the development in the USA for at least 3 years. The agreement provides for the progressive acquisition of their remaining shares by 2021 at a price that is indexed to the subsidiary’s performance and for a total acquisition amount that will not exceed $ 8.5 million.

Joshua Novick, CEO and founder of Antevenio, a US citizen who was born in New York City, will oversee the integration of the subsidiary and seek to deploy existing synergies, notably focused on the extension of the Publishing business in the USA and the distribution of email marketing technologies and services. Other commercial growth paths will also be explored with Digilant, sister company of Antevenio within the ISPd group, that has a strong presence in the US and offices in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and Boston, for which React2Media will be a natural partner. As such, Alan Osetek, CEO of Digilant, will join the board of the subsidiary. Finally, the experience and strong momentum of Antevenio’s Mexican subsidiary, combined with the size of the Spanish-speaking American community, should generate promising developments.

For Alex Schaller, Jordan Galbraith and Casey White, “We share with Antevenio the same values of professionalism and innovation and an ambitious vision of opportunities in our markets. Since our inception, we have been able to satisfy our customers by offering high quality services. The alliance set up today is a unique opportunity to bring React2Media to a new stage of development. With Antevenio, we will be able to strengthen our range of products and services, a necessity in a rapidly changing environment. Leveraging their robust technologies and their social media and portal knowledge, will allow us to close the loop on our current offerings.”

Joshua Novick, President and CEO of Antevenio, concludes: “To bring our company to the next stage of international development, we feel it is vital to establish ourselves in the United States, the largest and most innovative market in digital marketing. The encounter with React2Media was the trigger for a new ambitious new project for Antevenio. The quality of management, the complementarity of expertise and technologies, and the support of our parent company ISPd already established in the USA, are strong levers for the success of this project”.


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